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Marina was lying on his back, barely breathing.

In the dark, she tried to see the curtains and the moon that made its way through a narrow slit.
- I’m getting old, probably! Sex is no longer brings no joy in life, orgasm-ate ate there! Or stress at work makes itself felt?
Growing dissatisfaction with the heavy feeling of self-made her wonder.
Marina somehow touched his aching chest, with standing erect nipples.

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It seems to be held monthly. She turned to one side, then turned over to another. Irritated vagina aching clit, stubbornly remained in the swollen state. Slightly aching heaviness felt in the lower back. She tried to sleep, puff and peacefully as husband. But did not succeed.
Feeling of something defective filled her.

With that she fell asleep.
The next day, giving instructions to the staff, Marina enjoyed watching a group of athletes who came to the reservation. Young, handsome guys in the lobby bustled, dragging large bags out of the car.
Involuntarily her eyes fell on the tight jeans clad shapely buttocks. Boys went down the hall, and she stood and stared after him, unable to look away from their elastic buttocks.
Marina tried to picture them naked and felt a rush of heat in the chest.
- What is it with me? – Terrified that someone would see, she looked away and looked back.
- Bah!

Yes, it’s you know, Marinka? – A tall, slender man, with a chic figure taxied straight to her.
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