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- Do not look there – I frowned.
- Why?
- Aunt wants.
- And for that she shoved a tube? – Do not let my son, – she misbehaved?
- Do not be silly – I hissed through clenched teeth – just make her an enema.
- And what is it?
- Well, the tube water flows.
- Aunt drinks booty? – Romka eyes widened.

- Oh, my God! Come on … do you stare is indecent …
- Mom and Aunt hurt?
- Well, maybe … a little bit.
- Want me to her poglazhu?
Winner plump buttocks nervously shuddered kolyhnuv hose.
- Stop immediately – I hissed, ottaskivaya son from the screen – Behave yourself!
- Well, ma-ah! – Continued to draw little hands Romka.
- Marivanna! – Moaned woman behind the screen – Why does everything to me climb?

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- But who needs you, Kukushkin? – Replied sitting next nurse – Lie still, and then interrogated supplements!
- Do not! – Pleaded woman – And so bursting!
- What do you want Kukushkin? – Grinned her tormentor, – Oh, you had to make a siphon … Here then would have learned how to swallow all sorts of rubbish!
Kukushkin obediently trailed.
- So …

And you, mother, to whom?
- By Sergei Ivanovich, – I replied, feeling a certain timidity, as if she was standing in a queue behind the screen – We have scheduled three hours.
- Oh Wait … you’ll have a mother.
- Long?
- Ten minutes. He went to the accounting department.
- Forgive me – I could not stand it – Why do you have an enema right in the corridor pose?

People walk past the same!
- So something procedural improvements, and in the House can not suddenly go to pot? – Innocently explained my companion, – Yes, you do not hesitate, we will finish soon … Sexy chat free game.

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