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Gratis webcam chat. But there’s a reasonable question: what, in fact, more to do with it?
HOW enemas?
The main thing in this case – to act firmly but gently. Because any ass – this delicate organ, and need to deal with it very carefully.

Before you enter the tip, it should be thoroughly lubricated with a thick layer of petroleum jelly or other suitable lubricant (especially – if the tip of a plastic, hard!). Then it is necessary to release the rest of the enema there after water intake air – so beloved water sprayed from the tip. And only then – slowly, slowly, millimeter by millimeter, twisting – can finally insert tip.

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First – 3-4 centimeters in the direction of the navel, and then – further inland, parallel to the spine.
… Actually, ideally, should be lubricated before klizmirovaniem not only the tip, but the very hole – first outside, and then, gently thrusting a finger into the anus and inside. But such a “focus” surely scare those you will do an enema first (unfamiliar, straight, etc.) – so use this method, you can only have a trusted partner.

To begin with it is necessary to fill in the ass 2-3 syringe – to clear the rectum directly. After that, you must give the lower prokakatsya. Actually, this washing is enough for anal sex – but not enough to get pleasure from the full program …
And in order to be delayed as it should, you need to fill in the pit of 1.5 liters, not less. And then all of two … – in short, how many survive.

And pour water re better already from enema-warmers – periodically adjusting the tip in the ass, and – if a partner already checked – stroking his buttocks, rubbing his tummy, caressing other body parts. Gratis webcam chat.

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