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Live webcam anonymous. I began to swirl through the side view mirror and saw the father turns belt twice, it seemed to me heart jump out of my chest, my eggs and member dangling helplessly, feeling burning shame burned me, I heard somewhere that you need to relax as much as possible during the flogging, but here relax, and even my mother came to the door to the nursery
- Vadik, not much …
Where is not strong, and started smacking the first kick my ass obzhog acute pain
-Oh, oh, oh no more, I realized
-oh, about ———- oooo – it hurts
- Dad enough

By the third strike I roared like a year-old boy
-aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, Mom, I’ll be more of her
Father smacked me in silence, strongly, but without malice, I squealed, spit booty in different directions, and tried to tense and relax back, think about something else, but believe me, it is very difficult to think of something else, when bare skin stretched piece falls gland
-Vadik (again peered into the room mom) is not much, as you see screaming neighbors come running right now

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Father stopped for a moment, – Valya, so smack smack, so he could not sit down, but go to school has become, and not to embarrass their parents
Instead, the belt whistling in the air can be seen from his father flinch hand I’m too wide apart legs prevoznemogaya pain but brunt iichki, that’s really where the pain …. But my cock was something happen and he took courage, fortunately nobody noticed …

-Dad, it hurts, oh, oh, oh, aaaaaaaaaaaa
the 10th stroke, I just howled, tears rolling barrage, burning ass, legs numb, my father began to flog more I pinched, wobble asses and dodged as he could, but it will only hurt more, once to 15 on the pain became so unbearable I began to try to escape, zadrugal feet, I also RCTs were tightly clenched thighs father
-Dad, stop, please.
-enough aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
-time ….. ……………… Live webcam anonymous.

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