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-But I do not want! – Jennifer became restive. – I want to be with you, madam!
What can I say? Coming out of the car, I silently pulled out Jennifer and left her on the roadside. And then cried big tears rolled down the face, but she did not attempt to wipe them or remain М М twist after PS. It breaks my heart, but I came back with a straight face in the car and drove on. In the side mirror I saw her figure disappeared. Sisters grimly silent. I stopped the car and turned around:
-Think I’d like it?

If it were not the case, I have great pleasure to join Jennifer to our trio. But, alas, it all came together in such a way that I can not do it.
I has delivered sisters home, drove himself to change clothes and take a few things and rushed off to the airport.
Three weeks later, I returned. The first thing that caught my eye: light burning in the house. To say that I was surprised – to say nothing.

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When I entered, I was almost demolished down three girls, dangling on me screaming: “Madam back!” And began to squeeze me and obtselovyvat.
Needless to say, was among them and Jen М Nifer, I managed to find room for the car. A few days ago I saw her Barbara, regu М larly several times a day, a passing by my house. Joy knew no bounds on both sides. Urgent caused Diana, was also pleased Jennifer appearance.

She opened М la house, and the girls there were lit. And how my appearance were happy – words can not describe, it should be seen!
With endless kisses and caresses me removed clothes and began to fondle. Free chat sex private.

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