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Teen cam sex chat. I put on my glasses and began to consider two people who have come into the office as soon as the secretary. It was a man about 45 years old (the same age as my boss) and a guy 35 years old (well, almost my age).

Chef I introduced them: Alexey (45 s) and his aide Sergei Mikhailovich.
Sitting at the table (I naturally next to Alexei) we began to discuss the terms of the contract. I accidentally dropped a pen and sat down under the table to pick it up, while I “accidentally” hurt hand groin Alexis. Man flushed and breathing heavily.
- Sorry. – I smiled, looking out from under the table. Alexei brazenly began to examine my breasts came into view through the thin fabric blouse. Sitting on his place I have ridden a little skirt, revealing my shapely legs.

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Alexei economically put his hand on my knee. Pretending that I did not notice anything, heard his boss. Alexei little bolder and his hand moved to my pussy. Pushing cloth panties, he found the clitoris and began to rub his his forefinger, sometimes poking it into my wet hole. I groaned and put a hand on the groin male.

Mikhail stopped and watched us.
Meanwhile, I took off pants with Alexis and began to suck his cock, slowly swallowing his head, and after that, everything else. Sergei Mikhailovich fright shrank in the chair, and my boss is already fiddling with the lock of his trousers. I motioned him and helped him to cope with this difficult task.

Mikhail let out a moan of pleasure as my hand wrapped around his cock and pushed the purple skin, exposing the head. Teen cam sex chat.

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