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Now it is with great pleasure to put his head under the guillotine than reached under her skirt Isolde .
- Like it or not , but you will lie to me .
- How is that? In an order I just did not get up.
- Need cause – and the dead will rise .
- Wrong.

Shoot, still nothing from me achieve. Come on, PUSH the trigger.
He stood in the doorway , she was sitting on the couch in the far end of the living room. At this distance from the kill ” derringer ” hampered even an experienced shooter . So we can hope for a minor wound.

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But his revolver , to which the fingers are just a few inches … his revolver from this distance it certainly tuck .
- Why would I kill you? Better to let my servants kill Mrs. Richards . One cook less – there is great trouble ?
And it was said calmly . Like Countess discussed buying a new hat style.

- Well, – said Adam . – Where will copulate ? On the sofa, where do you sit ? Or elsewhere ?
- Sofa fit. But let me call a couple of witnesses.
And then he realized what she was .
Two witnesses are required to formally confirm the presence of carnal relations between spouses.
Do Isolde already realized that he chooses the most difficult and most reliable way of divorce , namely appeal to the papal curia ? No, it has nothing to do with it. Vatican for both children and de facto marital relationship does not matter.

Pope may on its own will break any marriage bond , regardless of the particular circumstances of the union is terminated . So, another reason antics Isolde . Sex free one on one chat.

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