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Ahead meanders between low green hills, stretched low quality usual Russian way.

I tried to go slowly, do not pay more attention to the road and to the spectacle that is in front of me in the rearview mirror as the TV happened.
In the backseat of my wife with her legs in polurazvorote suck another guy. She did it so enthusiastically that it seemed to him-raped. Guy, and his name was Vanya, sitting relaxed, not resisting. Only fumbling attempts to get under her blouse to Natasha, yes shy glances in my direction were the few movements that he allowed himself.

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But Natasha clasping his head with both hands enthusiastically kissing lips.
So we drove about 10 minutes, until my wife went on to further action. She lifted her blouse, started Wani hands behind his back. He guessed that it is necessary to undo her bra. Tinkered with it for a long time. All did.

I had the brakes, turn back and help him. Straps fell and began to hang out. Natasha climbed to Van on his knees to face him again and sucked. Vanya stroked her bare back.
- Vanya, do not be shy, you can touch the chest – I said, and went on.
Vanya, immediately launched under the palms hanging bra and began to knead elastic breast of my wife. My, already, arched in pleasure, fidgeted on his lap.

Flew past the oncoming cars, used their drivers know what is happening to me in the backseat. Sex chatroulette android.

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