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She sat like a stunned.
- What are you saying, – she said with horror. – Are you kidding me …
- What the … I joke – Deutsch rose. – Look herself. To twenty years sat in the ass fucking village. All life will sit, ozhireesh like a pig, and your children will be the same. Pigs tuporylye. – In his eyes gleamed a strange light fun.

It seemed that the world had gone mad. She sobbed loudly, uncontrollably, closing hands. Ink flowed, staining your fingers. – Bastard – through her tears she said – what are you bastard.
- Do not cry, silly – calmly said Deutsch.
- You, you … – Choking, she cried, – you can not live with that on! Can not …
- What? – He said indifferently.
She sobbed for the last time, awkwardly rose and ran to the door. After her came the:
- In nature, roundnose …

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Reaching home, she closed in her room, and began to look for a sleeping pill. She dumped a box of drugs on the floor, selected two shiny leaf, squeezed capsules on hand, and began to swallow one. His mouth was dry, tablets stuck to the language, she helped his fingers, choked them until she felt sick. My ears were ringing.
She fell on the bed, face down, his teeth into the pillow and waited for death, determined to leave here forever, unless, of course, will not die.
She fell asleep without removing clothes.
It was late in the evening when there was an insistent knocking at the window.

More sleepy girl rose from the bed, turned on a night light, and a faint voice asked:
- Who’s there?
- I – there was a voice that filled her soul with dread and anger
- Went out, – she said firmly. – I do not want to talk to you.
- I, too, – there came to her. – I’m in another case. Sex chat.

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