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Seks intim video chat. Similarly, the same girl! And because sneaks: no sound issued when crawled under the window of my office! Could shuganut her, but I decided to teach the girl klyatyh in full. And switch the monitor on the corridor.

Tihohonko opened the door, Diana – so called villain – slipped into my bedroom. I’m switching to familiarize bedroom, but did not really see: removing the backpack, the girl disappeared under the bed. I was inte М esting: udumala such that this devil, this time? So I waited until she finishes, and sing la-ma М her at the door of the bedroom. You should have seen her face when Diana saw me flexing handcuffs.

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-Hello, Diana! – I welcomed her and slapped.
Girl flew back and plopped on the floor near the bed. I grabbed her by the hair and pulled her to her feet. She looked scared and at the same time daring. I tore off her backpack and strapped virgins М Csonka to bed. With interest opened the backpack and was taken aback backpack was empty.

A smiley Diana was Yechida М tion-impish. I just simply can not take so I crawled under the bed for a long time considered the attached М n М nye to the bottom of the bed stuff. With difficulty tearing them, I got out and asked:
-And how do you mean?
Poskuchnela girl, but said nothing. I said:
-You have two options. First, as I caught you in my house, where did you get secretly, I call the police and accuse you of attempted robbery.

There are records of cameras. Perhaps mom-ad М WOCATE and you otmazatsya succeed, but it will cost her a lot of money and career: who wants to deal with the hell М WOCATE, whose young daughter a thief? Seks intim video chat.

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