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-Looks like you’re not afraid of him … – Laura pursed her lips.

-Why should I be afraid? – I was surprised. – The books I write for the love of art. On the contrary, increase the scandal М lichit selling them. Well, get a couple of years and a fine, this matter will end. And then it will not be a good lawyer’s М Khatami. You got a problem more serious. You can lose reputation, business and all of the state.
It was true.

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Laura immediately sobered:
-And what to do?
-You know, it’s not so much in this nerd how to blackmail that collected these freaks – thoughtful of I said. – I have a couple of friends on old cases, they need help. I’ll call you back, all for М end. You do, after my call to their friends about the hint of blackmail. And for you owe me, babe – I wagged a finger Laura.

Diana has delivered me home, and an hour later she called me and told me with a laugh that her mother was the py-causeway for late return, but immediately calmed down when she learned that her daughter was with me in a business meeting with the publisher. In the details of the meeting Diana, of course, is not devoted.
To close this thread, I will inform you that a couple of days was the manager personally, because razgovarit-Vat by phone or via the web, I flatly refused. The guys were really serious, М convince mind whether and quickly split manager, where his archive.

Then cleared the staff, changed direction, and protection of the staff. Iphone random adult chat.

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