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- Ah!

So , it means that now you have decided on ? – Adam literally cried .
- More or less – calmly responded Flora .
He frowned .
- Looks like you’ve decided to be cold unfeeling idol !
- Well , you could articulate.
There is a girl and she noticed that a lot of baby ‘s position , and all of their dialogue is far from speaking adults who a month ago for forty -eight hours worked God knows what in the room helenskoy hotel.

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- All right – handed Adam , leaning on a chair and poluprikryvaya eyes . – I am pleased that our couple found the same cool head , even though you flirted his lack of will … It’s good that you’re so hard , and I was not confident.
- Perhaps we just should not see , – said Flora .
- Nonsense – strongly objected Adam . Finally cut their way to her body was not in his plans.
The girl smiled happily .
- I was hoping you’d answer that way , – she said.

- Oh-ho -ho, – said Adam . – God knows, you do not get bored . Winds , like a hare . The devil you do not understand.
- I was just okay with you – on any terms .
- The same can be said about me … Hmm , seems to dangerous things we agree with you – it’s time to sip brandy , but not glass , but a whole bottle.

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To his delight , just at that moment there was sent by Mrs. Gibbon maid with cognac decanter that Adam immediately poured into tea .
Noticeable brightening after a few sips , the young man spoke animatedly . No longer touching the kettle, he again and again something else into his cup of golden liquid from the decanter – so soon have clean drinking cognac . Camtocam chat free.

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