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Exhaust impossibly Jennifer passed out first, barely got to bed in her to М mnate. As I chain chained to the bed, she did not know. The three of us lay down on seksodrome, place another six left.

And then two hours later we woke up from the wild cries. Ran outside and look: a long chain hanging from the bedroom window Jennifer to land lacks a few inches and screaming so that the glass is not just fly.
First start laughing Diana supported her Barbara, last I laughed. A girl almost pla М М ka la rage.

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Otsmeyavshis, we helped her, at the same time finding out how she got there. It turned out simple. Two hours later pro М snuvshis and found that the free, Jennifer decided to immediately run and siganula in ca М but the benefit was not very high. Same here and it turned out that it did not forget to chain. Jennifer on М М Py talas handle herself, but did not work, had to call for help.
-Y-yes, even though you and the Crow, but you are not able to fly … – I summed total.

Four days we had fun on the fifth day I got a call.
-So, my favorite, I have to disappoint you, I told her slave. – Our holiday-Vaeth terminates a little early. I urgently need to go somewhere.
-And how are we, madam? – Diana escaped.

-I razvezu you home. – Barbara opened her mouth, but I cut her off: – All Bazaar is over! Dress.
On reaching the place where we picked Jennifer, I fervently kissed a girl and said:
-All honey, you’re free.
-That is how it is? – The news is not made her happy.
-That’s it. Babblesex chat.

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