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For a long time she just enjoyed this state of weakness, she finally opened her eyes.
Alexander slowly pulled out of her fingers and licked them.

Olga looked as if spellbound, the excitement is gone, but the desire is not lost. Second, it dragged its feet, looked around the room look – nobody but them, signs of consciousness in the room was not, her face lit up an enigmatic smile, and she disappeared under the table.
Alexander felt like Olga unbuttoned his pants and felt a pleasant touch of her hand on the desire to swollen member. Touching her wet tongue burned arousal, causing the blood to circulate faster.

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Her tongue was moving down the barrel member from the bottom up, until he came to a head, which instantly drowned at Oli mouth.
Alexander held his breath with pleasure, feeling his erection completely immersed in her hot mouth. He threw his head back and enjoyed the process – her lips faster and faster moving over his cock, she then completely remove it from his mouth and licking tongue, swallowing it to the balls so that Alexander barely restrained so as not to scream with pleasure.

He put his hand on her head and began to involuntarily control process so as to obtain the greatest pleasure. Her head was moving rapidly up and down, the rate grew. Unbelievable disgusting cam chat.

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