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Sex chat no sigh in. Flirty blonde laughed , leaning on the shoulder of his companion , a young man.
Here she turned her face … Yes, no doubt about it … God!
It was his wife .
Adam was nearly sick with frustration and rage – Isolde lately constantly caused him exactly this , the gag reflex . It seemed an evil demon back into his life.
Of course, she had seen him since the audience stared at them so hard with Flora . So Isolde knows that he is here, and drawn, laughs with this silly puppy.

When she arrived in Saratoga ? And more importantly, why ? What the hell is she dragged it here ? European resorts it enough?
Flora invited to leave the hall.
Adam quickly realized that they may encounter with Isolde . Knowing evil temper and sharp tongue of his wife, he was afraid of the scandal and said with a careless air:
- Honey, what do you need in the crowd ? Sit here while I get us some champagne.

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And quickly jumped up, though nothing worth sending for champagne lackey .
He went to the bar , not knowing what makes a fatal mistake . He knew his wife , but not completely appreciated her deceit.
Flora found a woman as soon as she walked into the box . Uinterhalterovsky portrait ranch just passed her features. Isolde was a classic beauty : elegant, white-skinned , heart face , doll-like eyes are huge.

Dressed in the latest French fashion . But in Sight through something bad , nasty – hitrenkoe . Incidentally, Uinterhalter , with his talent , reflected the essence of this fox on his portrait.
- Heard that her husband promised to marry you – unprefaced cold murmured Madame de Shastellyuks . – I decided to look to you and disappoint live from his wife did not marry . Sex chat no sigh in.

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