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He lay still and looked broken. I licked his salty tears, sucking his delicate fingers, kissed his neck, lips, hair, trying to make amends for the pain.
- Forgive me – I said uncertainly ..
He just threw me a look of hatred.
I again tried to kiss him, he did not resist, but did not respond to a kiss. Then I went down under the covers and pressed his tongue to his mangled hole. I tasted his own semen and blood. Insanely exciting taste, I licked his tender ass, trying to penetrate deeper language and already felt like my boy moaned arching and not from pain and pleasure.

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Then I began to caress his hand and stroking erection testicles cool .. He did not hesitate to moan in my capable hands. And as soon as I suck the head slightly as he poured out into my mouth. I swallowed the liquid and wanted more … When I got out from under the blankets, he hugged me and kissed me on the lips .. My boy he kissed me!

His bumbling, but such a sweet language …
I was happy. As with anyone.
I killed him in the morning, as well as others. While he slept, I took a rope and strangled him, and he just grunted something, and then fell silent. Video sex chat in mobile.

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