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I was surprised. Usually Daddy loved when I begged him – to make me an enema, or fuck me in the ass (and I liked it the most). But it was impossible to argue – and I stuck out his ass force, struggling to show how it (bum) wants an enema.

-Unconvincing – the Pope said – unlike. This desire is not visible! What kind of drunk plumber standing there in front of me, who mends a bath? Well, no sex! … (I stuck out his ass even harder – though, it seemed that it was impossible – and slightly sexually toyed with her) … Well vooot … this is similar to something! … (Papic approvingly patted my scrotum) … More sex! More! … (I strained the muscles of the anus, then relax them, then began to tense and relax the sphincter permanently) …

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Well, you can because when you want! … (His father was visibly pleased) … Now, my daughter, now I klizmochku you put …
A minute later my ass already appeared thick plastic tip.
-Drink, drink vodichku, my favorite ass – Dad kept saying, pouring me a soapy solution of suspended me on hanger warmer – now prokakaetsya my ass, and Daddy will close there. Yes, the ass? … (He tickled me navazelinenny finger anus, and I shuddered) … Yes. Who the f …

Daddy will be your daughter, your little girl …
I remembered that we have with the Pope for the first time it happened …
… It was about two months after my eighteenth birthday. Freesex chat text.

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