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Onine sex chat as guest. Opening the door, on the threshold I saw Anya red-eyed and horror on his face.
-what happened, Anne? Anya?
-he came back … he …
-Who is he?
-He, my father … max, you do not quit, do you? You will not give me offense, max?
-Well, of course, love. – I pulled Aniuta to himself and she sobbed.

Since that day in our lives hell broke loose. Anna spent the night with me, she was afraid to stay at home. Her hands were bruises father did not retreat from his. It was a real monster. All the neighbors were afraid Anya’s father and did not even try to approach their home.

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Annie was very worried for my mother, though he never touched her. Probably liked. If he can not love at all …
Our favorite place we no longer come and never arrive. I felt that if things go on like, then our love just will not.

You can not live in constant stress and shocks, I could not more so. If every day you see how tormented and killed your loved one when you can not see his smile for weeks when you can not even kiss him, then … it destroys feelings.
The moment came when my patience came to an end.
-Anya, I can not go on living, let’s leave?
-I can not leave – then my mom I will not give her one here
-we’ll take it with me …
-she would not go, max, ….. hold me – I hugged her, Anya looked me in the eye:
-you do not love me.
-Anya, what are you th …

-Well I see, I feel that you no longer love me. – She was partly right. It seemed to me that I felt nothing more than to Annie, and maintained a relationship with her because of pity. Onine sex chat as guest.

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