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I felt oily trickle followed down the inner thigh and abdomen throbbing fiery desire. In my purse was an expensive phone, money, and I knew perfectly well that the girl could be robber or just a hooligan and no one came to help me, but at that moment I lost my head, and I did not care anymore. Then I began to wear the new panties.

First I took off my shoes, and standing on one foot trying to push the leg. Losing his balance, I nearly fell, and was afraid to continue. Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching.
- “Let me help you beauty!” The girl said with emphasis. I’m a little embarrassed, but she immediately said, “Do not be afraid, little coward …”
I pulled and lifted one leg.

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Below she could see me in detail. She could not take her eyes off me. She looked like a hungry panther looks pretty on the antelope.

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