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Chatru video com sex. Getting up very close, she sniffed at me with passion.
Not knowing what to do I just stood there.
Not good it all, oh no good ….
She slowly stepped back.
I relaxed a little bit …. And at this moment – a wild cry …
Something hurts burned cheek …
I stumbled, fell head over heels over the threshold. Immediately come to himself, for some reason I immediately crawled from the door.

She was furious! Her eyes were on fire. She darted like a beast, but like bumping into a glass wall. Crawled on the floor and bounced back with greater fury …
What the hell …! More like a fog ….
Rising to his feet, I touched his face. Cheek was seriously ill. Blood remained on the fingers.

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Scratched when he fell, probably …. But the force with which it hit me!
- For what? – I asked, rather himself.
It was almost dark. Reaching on padded feet to the park gate, overcoming fear, I still turned.
Woman standing in the open doorway. Although I just closed it behind him ….
Light came from behind her, and I could not see her face. She limply against the wall.

From a recent rabies has disappeared ….
Cheek smarting not a child. Mom opened the door. In her eyes, I realized something wrong.
She gave a hand mirror. On the right cheek sported an open wound ….
Four flat strips crossed his face from ear to chin. Hence blood.
Yes ….
After processing the wound carefully, and not waiting for a clear answer, my mother left me alone.

Of course, in the morning I did not go anywhere. With such a mug!? Questions, ridicule …. Chatru video com sex.

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