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And Nicky almost forgot about her bladder – it is a little used to it as usually filled, and if he had not heard from him nervous urgency than blunt feelings of fullness, which took place to be. She no longer fidgeting and sat quietly.

Phil sat down beside her and tried to ask how she feels and how she was inside.
- Can I stay for the night? And you’ll go straight from work, so even be faster, you have a ride?
Seeing Phil nodded, she continued: “I tediously change into work clothes, you drop me to the house, to my house?
- Yes, yes – otveval Phil, not quite understanding what was happening, he thought, Nicky will now be pulled out to the toilet, but instead she offered to take her home.

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Nicky was very pleased.
Phil was about to take her home, but she succeeded in persuading him to go to his car. She got into the car, she opened the airing and included music, preparing for departure. Phil started the car, and the ride to be presaged a 20-minute, in contrast to the trip on the bus, which still had to wait.
When they arrived, Nicky was afraid that neither they turn their attention to the neighbors, but this did not happen.

Already being in her apartment, she quickly gathered in the package have a few things that she needed for the business appears on the paper, and looked around the room, as if she forgot something.
Once she put a cream in a bag, she paused, referring to drunk a cup of tea.
- Nicky – she whispered yourself – you indulge more diabolical game.

- Phil, can you take me back – Nicky called through the crack, he had already guessed about its intentions. Oovoo dirty chat.

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