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A few minutes later, our efforts yielded results: Barbara huddled in a strong orgaz М IU, nearly falling into the pool, we barely managed to keep her.
-God! – She said, sitting in a chaise lounge. – SO I still have no fucking.
She shaking hands barely took a cigarette, fire gave her Diana.

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-By the way, why Diane calls you madam? – Barbara asked.
-And because she is my slave – I smiled.
-That is? – Barbara was taken aback. – How is it?
-Yes, that’s because it is – I grinned. – Who are you?
-I am your humble slave, madam! – Diana replied, sitting on the floor next to my chaise longue. For gnuvshis, she kissed my feet.
-It is forbidden to walk normally – I explained – only on all fours or kneeling. Well, or what pa М bot performs at home.

Do it on your kitchen bowls for food and water. If she were guilty, I punish her.
-And do you like it? – Barbara was horrified.
-I do not hold it by force, – I said. – If she did not like she could go, and I would not return it. But she did not leave.
-Yes, I do! – With a call girl said, looking into the eyes of his sister. – Do not go!

-By the way, do you want to fuck her? – I asked, stroking her ass Diana.
At Barbara’s eyes lit up:
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