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- You’re getting closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. I see, and the third is planned your way. But it is so short that it was not noticeably. Please do not go to her tomorrow.

Send her out of his mind and heart. Let me point out your best path.
In inflamed chest cold flames, burning and freezing at the same time all over his body. Wincing in this sense, he glanced at the haze. Looked at the stars lighting up brighter.

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Somewhere in the distance, these stars, He imagined a small planet. On this planet green and clean were only He and She, They were happy with each other. Emptiness that came along with these thoughts, pinned his face grimace.
Long cigarette smoldered, he reached for another. Getting a light, he saw running almost girlish figure. The girl obviously crying time, whisking occasionally tear, accelerating his pace, she went to a halt.

Desire to catch up, so to calm troubled him, so that he winced and glanced at the haze. Haze seemed dragged down to this little girl. There was a feeling that the haze smiling.
- Look! It Girl. She is seeking a meeting with you. Together, you will be happy. You have a wonderful baby is born.
- Hmm!

Stop it! How do you know what will? – Before my eyes, her face flushed.
Lump rose in my throat feeling of betrayal, and her face was replaced by an expression of indifference on superior contempt. So she too often looked at him in the last year of their lives.

Then he already knew how to be hard for him to accept the loss.
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