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Makes tremble raised, body,
Nipples touching me again and again.
A whirlwind of emotions, fire unbridled passion,
Waves of feelings from head to toes.
Over them, alas, I am absolutely no authority …
Their moans I could not hold here.

Well you, meanwhile, gave freedom hands.
Your hands on me like a snake slip.
Along the chest to the abdomen and found there
Where my cock beside him tremble slightly touching.
Mmm! Your moan came rushing to him …
And lips hugging my male pride,
You began to move to the rhythm of the ocean jellyfish
I groaned again, waves of passion sensing.

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Touching your waist by accident
I noticed that in the body of thy wandering current.
And then, contriving, climbed carefully
I hands, lips in a lively area.
Where life begins its origin,
Where moisture is everywhere by creating …
Damp walls had observed reduction.
And I myself was unable to hold back then.
You tripped, pushing the legs apart,
And Thee I pulled closer.

Then I went, enjoying the warmth of Thy,
With every beat completely dissolved in Thee.
I do not remember how long we were moving to the beat.
You groaned, tearing to shreds sheet
And I was immersed in that ecstasy wave
And here if he felt like a sign.
You suddenly screamed, moaned and arched

And you start to tremble all inside
I came here and realized – You too cum
Apart from us at this moment somewhere all gone …
I believe, you believe – that moment again,
Is it not time, but probably not two.
Is this love that once occurred
Forever, forever, forever, forever! …

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