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Vick did not like strong drinks in principle, and the characteristic taste of brandy had seemed to her nauseous, but she did not want to disappoint so Olga. And Samir behaved gallantly …

Brandy went not bad at all, as a good strong wine. Immediately became hot, but no discomfort was not, and the starter was sufficiently dense and tasty. Vick easily incorporated into general conversation about his student-cal problems that interrupted a couple of times new toast. Then Olga demonstrated purchase a brand new laptop with all the on-the-gate, including a modem for high-speed Internet, web camera and other interesting things.

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- Wow, what a monitor directly the telly! – Masha said. – I was just-but vuyu kinoshku bought!
In the DVD drive has gone before and drunken students per-flashed footage with some erotic action. Vick has fallen somewhat out of reality, and when she returned to her – Masha and Dzheyhuna at the table would-lo, Samir and proposed a toast to love …
This turned out to toast Vicki final, she felt insurmountable-limuyu drowsiness and fatigue.
- Well, Primorye, Samir, put baby! – Olga commanded.

Samir obediently picked Vick, whose feet were already quite well, naughty, and the head is clearly filled with lead, and led her wardrobe, de Rained their room to “dining room” (as needed to convert in the “cabinet”) and “bedroom” (in as needed becomes the second “cabinet”). The bunk bed on which theoretically lived Olya and Masha, the lower tier was curtained veil, of whom heard snuffling and postanyvaniya. Completely free adult chat rooms.

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