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Girls screamed chorus that will be just as happy. Especially yelled Diana and Barbara. Only then to Amalia realized that all naked, and her only stockings and a belt. She became shy and hide behind. Diana laughed:
-Mommy, but not necessary, we’ve already seen and tried everywhere.

And you have too.
Just then, Jennifer has appeared in time with coffee. Amelia looked at the girl:
-Is necessary, and in the morning I had no idea what you have here is going on!
-Very good – I laughed – and other means of this is unknown. So let it remain. Does not mean everyone know about our orientation.
-But someone will guess it? – Asked Amalia.

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-So what? Guesswork is one thing, but facts – more. Do you agree?
-In general, yes – agreed advokatsha. – Is it true the rumors already go. It seems that you have some mystical order in the house. So we will continue?
- Sure! – I laughed. – Mystic Order, you say? That’s the idea! Well, more about that later, but in М ka went to the bedroom. There still is not a very suitable place for group sex.

Then the bell rang.
-Who brought it? – I looked at the monitor. – Wow, our regiment has arrived!
How was naked, I went to open. It was Laura with Vivian. With Laura, we kissed, I by Vivien М bulling on the cheek. Looking around the whole company naked, Laura sniffed
-I look orgy in full swing?

-Just getting started, sweetie! – I laughed. – So the time came. Undress and go!
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