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Random chat room. Isolde and her family – I know their appetites ! – Three skins with me sderut before released into the wild. They will not miss , vyzhmut whatever they can . This months-long struggle , to be honest , I was scared . And all this pain that I suffered in marriage, too, tend me.

If not for these two things , I would be far bolder and more confident would talk about his love … Sometimes I break his head than you took me and why I like wax in your hands ?
- I also have no idea. – Flora said cheerfully .
He smiled wryly .
- You’re funny … But I think it makes unhealthy element of mysticism in our relationship.
The girl shook her curls and mockingly replied nonchalantly :
- The life of me , I could not articulate exactly what and why I love you. But now I know what love is . It’s … it all together.

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No reason not to need. I love you because you are. This entire reason – and the end of all causes.
- Yes, when you’re with me , I also feel the insignificance of all brain-spun arguments – said Adam . Until now, his life was far more restrictive than the life of Flora . He had a family and duty to the family, that is, above all , the duty does not blight the lives of Lucy and provide her happy existence – albeit at the expense of their own sufferings with the wife, as Isolde . In addition, Adam was closely associated with his tribe and constantly stood guard its interests against the greed and wickedness of white newcomers.

All this together has accustomed him carousing womanizer and to live with caution , do not go too far in their drinking bouts and love affairs – in short , for all his passion and wild temperament Comte de Shastellyuks the middle of living has increased in human rational and sensible .
- Tom , I want to associate myself with you, there is another reason , bad – he said after a pause , as if determined to be open and honest to the end. – I’m terribly jealous .
- I love you – as seriously said Flora . – Isolde , say , I have never met , but in absentia hate her – because she was with you for so long. Random chat room.

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