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We looked at each other with Mila, and left the table. Quivering with excitement, Katya drew back, and, startled, smiling even tried to slip out of the room. But we quickly caught her and removing the Shrew nebolno beauty hands and dragged him to the bed Katka.
-Ouch! Well, what are you, stupid or what? – Trepyhayas tenacious in our arms, screaming girl, when we tied up with her robe and thongs.

-Fear not, my little – soothed her Lyudmila, patting girlfriend on the ass – do not resist, we’ll neatly prokakaem.
-Well I do not hochuuu! I’m not sick already, I recovered! – Smiling, whined like a little girl, Katya.
But we were not going to listen to her, and began to lay the girl on the left side on the bed.

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While I was holding a “sick”, Mila ran to the bathroom and brought out everything you need for an enema. Then he sat down beside the bed and firmly took her friend’s hand:
-All right, Katya, do not worry. Well you better get going. And we – interesting!
-Well, let’s – Kate sniffed resentfully.
-Yes, you have a nice ass – I stroked by Katyusha bulging ass – but the extra weight there anyway. Quite a bit, of course, but still …

With these words I typed out a jar of Vaseline, and parted the buttocks girl, plunged straight into greased fingers trembling Katkinu virgin hole. My secret lover has shrunk the whole body, and quietly squeaked. Lubricated anus outside, I’m a little stuck his index finger inside and missed there – while Katka frantically clutching ass, and jerked as if I was operating in its hole does not finger, and electro-shocker! )
-So, now I’ll stick my tip, my little – I picked up a syringe filled with water, and leaned her to Katkinoy plump ass.

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