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Chaturbate wo man. And cell phones, for instance, the sale of condoms – the same nonsense? It would seem that what they design, huh? Any w saleswoman in any stall without any machines you can sell! But the same people are embarrassed! And – make machines!
-Well, actually, yes, something in it – have agreed invited.
-Well! We will show you and now …

So, Prokhorov – turned to me and ordered BoA – cowards shoot, and to the machine approaches. What are you wriggling? Come on, do not be shy!
By this point I had already greatly embarrassed and jitters. Heart pounding thrills.

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Quivering with excitement, I hesitantly pulled off his tight pants, and hands covering their bodies, came to the unit.
-Here the patient, for example, was already examined by a doctor in the clinic, and went into the treatment … – Viktor Ivanovich started commenting. – Come on … Gosh your name? Gosh, press the red button over there …
Trembling in anticipation of something terrible fingers, I pressed the red button. Machine hummed softly, flashing lights, and said computer recorded voice (I think it was the voice of Artem)
“… Hello.

You have to go through the procedure of automatic klizmirovaniya. It will not cause you any harm, and no one will not be there to watch you. Absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! … ”
“Well, yes, there is nothing! – I said prosebya. – And no one is watching! “…
“Remove … please all their clothes and undress completely naked …” – proposed unit in the same voice graduate student.

-Well, until the patient undresses, say. Chaturbate wo man.

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