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A few days later, Sergei and Olga, continuing to maintain friendly relations, decided to walk together through the city, making stops at various stores.
By the second hour walk Olya noticed that when they stop at the next store, Sergei somehow restlessly looks as if looking for something. When they boarded the bus to go to another place, Lola noticed how Sergei breathing quickened slightly twitching legs. She guessed that the boy wants the toilet and decided to torment him.
“- Now it all for me to answer,” – she said to herself.

When they got off the bus Sergei stride. Olya followed him. Then, when they passed a cafe, Lola took the boy’s hand, saying:
- Let’s go? Let’s drink a cup of coffee.
Without waiting for an answer, she pulled Sergei inside. They sat down at a free table. He called the waiter, she ordered two coffees. Sergei jacket hung on a chair and said he would go here will look for a toilet.
- No, dear, you’re not going anywhere.

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You’re going to sit here – smiling affectionately, said Olga.
Second Sergei looked at her in surprise, and then said:
- Listen, I depart for a second and then come back, I want the toilet!
In response Olga scoffed.
- You’re not going anywhere, you’re going to sit here as long as I tell you to sit – she said sternly, and then moved to a whisper – Or maybe I show those pictures to your parents and teach?
Sergei looked at her anxiously.

- What pictures?
Olga smiled and pulled out of her purse camera. Scrolling through a number of photos, she opened the few pictures where Sergei drugs. Bot voice adult chat.

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