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He hugged her to him , feeling hot body through the thin satin nightgown .
- So you came here not to get drunk – Flora said quietly , looking quizzically into the black pools of his eyes. – Amusing occasion .
Her body was gradually revived , and she put her hands on the lapels of his coat , plunging into the sea of familiar sensations.

- Yes, so as not to get drunk – repeated mechanically her Adam .
- But you did not come so .
- I have not figured out why come .
Closely pressed to the chest of a young man , she felt his heart pounding .
Young man frowning brows – and again said nothing.
- But you did not come here for friendship , huh? – She asked impishly , laying her cheek on his shoulder and looking askance at his serious face .
Long silence.

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Flora quietly studied the play of shadows on the beautiful features of the beloved .
- I came because – he said finally of yourself – that to live without you I can not .
- I know – short and serenely replied Flora , stroking silk lapels of his coat , feeling the powerful muscles beneath them , all the stronghold of his body. – I miss you very much .
Adam shot eyes at the clock on the dressing table.
Flora shuddered , as if the puppy room , which the host with the words ” Do not gad ! Not gad ! ” Suddenly poked face into fresh hot pile.

Here he is , the nature of their relationship , all the thieves in this slant on the clock !
Charming , short occasionally.
Marvelous , romantic.
Love with an eye on the dial .
” Get away Valiant Knight – zashibis passionate eyes flashed and turned the hourglass ,” We have a full three minutes to love, mistress of my penis ! ”
- Are you in a hurry? – Flora asked sarcastically . – You have another date on the nose ? Animal sex web cam chat.

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