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-Well let’s vodka of bread, ‘I said.
-Come on, just one but a glass, I said, Ksenia.
We drank a liqueur glass. I strongly made his way, I ate a piece of this glass sausages. At this point we surprisingly did not stop.

We drank two more glasses and decided to stop at this. I was terribly drunk.
-We ought to wash our glasses and glasses, Ksenia-mumbled. She took them and went into the kitchen shatayuschnysya gait. I looked at her ass. I curled as she shook her walking. I moved to the couch. In the kitchen, heard the tinkling sound of water and utensils. Soon the sound of water stopped.

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Ksenia entered the room. Along the way she stumbled and nearly tumbled, laughing she came to me and sat down. I saw that she was terribly drunk. I looked at her and she at me. We looked into each other’s eyes. Then merged in a long kiss. And began to kiss. I felt that I started to get a member. My hands instinctively crawled under her dress. I naschupal her boobs.

She was dressed livchik.
-Well, stop it! ‘She said. I took his hands and we prodolzheli kissing. I then crawled under the dress. My fingers slid under her livchik. I felt her nipples. It seemed to me that they are swollen.
-Enough already!-She cried. But I continued to knead her breasts.

She pushed my hands. I pulled them out. On my jeans formed mound of stone risen member. I took hold of the hem of her dress and pulled up sharply. Dresses sorvalost instantly with her. She remained in livchika and panties. Sexlive chat india.

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