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So passed three days. But once I wanted tomatoes and I went into the garden. The path led through a flower bed on a summer shower. When I caught up with him he saw there washable Uncle Misha. He was lathered head and closing his eyes, he stood with a washcloth and soap in hand. Naked Misha me very amused.
Was hilarious to see the big pot-bellied uncle completely naked with a small pisyunom (he was really small) sniffing and blindly probe the space around them.

I stood and lybilsya. Knowing that I did not see, I unabashedly stared at Uncle Misha. But then his hand groped-taki faucet and water poured out of the shower. She immediately washed with shampoo head and Misha opened his eyes.

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It all happened so suddenly that I could not not like to escape, but even clean off the face of disgust smile. I felt ashamed and I withdrew from the house.
By the evening I had a fever and Misha took me to treat. The awkwardness of the day of the incident I have not yet passed, and I was constantly flushed meeting his eyes. But troubles in my treatment of all events of the day took a back seat. Misha gave me drugs and castor oil.

The latter, according to Uncle Misha was necessary to clean my stomach. He was sure I ate something and my city unwashed body not cope with excess germs. I have diarrhea all night and by midnight I was tired and fell asleep iznemozhdenny dead sleep. In the morning I felt bad and weak.

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