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Finally, after another, not the fourteenth, sixteenth not orgasm, I gave a sign to leave Amalia alone, sending Jennifer for coffee. Diana cooked, of course, good coffee, but with Jennifer she was not razed. Gradually came a faint voice asked Amalia:
-What was it?
-Lesbian love mommy! – Barbara said.
-Barbara? – Amalia surprised. – As you participate in this?
-And why not? – Reasonably answered daughter. – We captured this long Diana.
-With Diana … – repeated Amalia and looked at me – And you, Alex drew the girls in this obscenity! Seduced underage …

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-I? – Amalia amazed. – When?
I looked at Barbara. She nodded and brought a recorded disc. And the woman looked startled as Diana grabbed his hips, literally fucks her tongue hole. Record, it was felt, started all but look calmed his harem, and then, putting his hand between his legs, asked Amalia:
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-Well, I like it – blushing, said advokatsha. – And then what?
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