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He did not want blood , did not want to shoot a revolver. Now, as before the train so little time , he does not need to contrive shooting room fashionable ” Clarendon .”
Coachman and the maid immediately laid down their arms on the floor. They did not smile forfeit his life for his mistress.

Isolde is not one of those who inspires people to sacrifice.
Pick up weapons servants , Adam showed the maid on the dresser where he lay his latest poker winnings.
- In the top drawer and take the pack of dollars to divide among themselves . There’s more than enough to appease two greedy villains such as you . But immediately get out of Saratoga .
The driver grabbed a pack of hand maid , they began to argue , then quickly counted the money , arguing again and finally shared the booty equally.

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Thereafter, both cheered and did not even glance at the losing battle hostess went out of the room – happy and satisfied .
- That’s what causes greed – admonished Adam said , when the servants door closed . – For loyalty to pay, and pay well . Even lover boy, and he immediately forgot about everything once in the hands rustled dollars . You continue to science .
Here Adam finally let his wife pushed on the sofa. Tragicomic scene much tired him . All this was so out of place , so stupid. We must quickly pack up and go away.

Any delays like death .
- If you need money , – he said, sighing wearily and sat down in the chair opposite the couch – name the amount . Dirty live web cam.

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