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Sex chat anonymous. Plus it will give a good education. Such pensions were built specifically to Elsa of the girls could make selective high priced commodity. Sexual slavery was practiced not only by Els. There were other aliens.
Of course, there will be siren temporarily, only while Eli is forced to hang around in the world.
Al was delighted. His blood elsotskaya long dreamed of such.

With Serena get harder. Voronitsa would not agree to let the daughter somewhere, especially with Alex. She did not trust him. In the end, Eli had to remind her that Serena and his daughter too. And he would never let her go with those whom can not be trusted. Yes, and have no choice. Need to show her the right as soon as possible, because if she like Elsa to some serious complications can occur. Voronitse had to agree.
Voronitsa itself remained at Ely.

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One elsode her had nothing to do with him yes and safer …
A few hours later she was sitting on the couch, his hands over his face. It all happened so quickly …. Last night there was Eli, and this morning Lex took from her children. Now she sees them only a few days. Black’s was not.

He left as soon departed Lex. The duties of Elijah was to wander around the various activities arranged in honor of “the world.” Voronitsa sighed. It does not burden the concept of loyalty. He could easily walk around all day at today’s banquet with some whore …. Could well …
The door slammed. Voronitsa shivered.
- You’ve come back? Why so fast? – She asked logged Eli.

- And what do you think, I had to spend the night there? – Elijah grinned. – The official part was over, and the more I have nothing to do there. Sex chat anonymous.

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