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Having dealt with the chores, I was already going to go away. But the mother, dressed for work, I started to complain to my younger brother – eighteen student who, according to her, constantly loafing and skipped lectures.
- Did you talk with him, Dennis! And that is not my strength.

He won and now lies in bed at home, not going to go anywhere. Ill, he said. A Well, I know – it is every day of the disease, the lecture was canceled … You talk, eh? Well, all for now. I’m late already …
With these words, my mother ran out the door and ran to the elevator.
Age difference with my brother we had a big – eight years. And so the mother often shifted on me the obligation to his upbringing. But honestly, I do this already rather tired.

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Eighteen years is how much you can raise! ..
Brother came into the room, I found him lying up booty, under the thin bed sheet. Debiloid pretended to be asleep.
- Hey, Igor!
Brother was silent.
- Igor! – I potormoshil his leg – Hey, stop fooling around, my work time! Get up come on!

I slapped him across the sheet in the ass. Brother muttered something there, rolled over, and turned his head:
- I’m not going to college, I’m sick …
- Yes Why are you sick b …! – Nervously glancing at the clock, I abruptly tore off his sheet – What is it, there is a morning riser? Shy chtol? I tries … your pipirka do not need, get up!
- Yes I do not have any of the riser.
- Especially get up then!

- I do not get up – confidently brother muttered, and closed his eyes again.
Such insolence angered me even slightly – this jerk to me asshole will turn! Online chat sex.

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