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- Dad! Daddy! – Son, elated hung around his neck, – Look! My dad came! I knew I knew you’d come!
- Went for a walk on the playground a bit – it appeared as if from nowhere – and then we go to my mother!
- Mom!

You again, again quarreled with the Pope? Come quickly to make peace! I want Dad lived with us again!
-No! – Only one sharp, rude words left with curled in contempt lips stuck like cold steel in his heart.
Clutching her Son, that so long since I’ve seen, he only looked at the kid.

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Children having fun, riding a rollercoaster, swinging on a swing, only His Son did not leave him a single step. Boy stroking his hand, pressed her cheek against his thigh, substituted a head gentle Dad palms. He enjoyed the proximity of the Son.

In a corner stood a company of adults invited to the celebration of the birth of their baby. Among them was a cute kid, with smiling eyes, almost a head taller than him. Smiling, something fun to say, She tried to pull over to the denser guy. The boy was seen testing certain inconvenience, trying to pull away a bit from her. But perseverance, inherent to this woman took over.

She grabbed his hand and the boy, fun chirping with the entire company is not allowed to release the guy hand.
- Daddy, my dear, I love you so much! – The child firmly and gently pressed against him, and in his eyes treacherous accumulate moisture – Daddy, why mom does not want to reconcile with you? What the guy next to her?
- I do not know my good. Perhaps she’s looking for you a new dad – the words flying down from his own lips, like an ax blow to the head.

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