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Train from Moscow to Sochi
And Sochi, we are met Volodya, we hugged, he kissed me, Tanya says:
- And I have forgotten? Yes? Volodya pulled away from me and kissed me passionately Tanya, I initiated the kiss reason, first I had some jealousy, but soon turned into excitement, looking at them, I was very pleased, I still could not realize from what this.

They broke apart and looked at my reaction, seeing what I am pleased they have calmed down. Olga ran here:
- And I tell you what, do not have a girlfriend? And she hugged and kissed Volodya, and then we all took turns kissed. Olga left her phone and says:
- I know you will not be bored, but to select a time and drove me to Adler, I forgot to tell you that I have a big house and I live alone, though I still have a dog and a housekeeper.

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We said goodbye, and went to the car. We went not long, a small town of Sochi, and here we were in a private house, which was located a few hundred meters from the sea. We went into our new home – it’s a big bedroom (well appointed) luxurious bathroom and a small kitchen. We Tanyushka rushed to bed, embraced and happy relaxed. Here voice Volodya
- I go to the store, and you set the table.

Everything was organized in a flash, while Volodya walked Tanya went to the bathroom. The door was ajar and I walked past, looked there. Videochat random sex.

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