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Fumbling for hanging on a tripod with warmer water and making sure that it is almost empty, the nurse leaned over quietly moaning patient.
- Well, that is blue, suffered? And said – m # 243; chi no … Well, blow to the restroom!
“Auntie,” unexpectedly pretty young girl of about seventeen, although with rather developed for his age figure.

Looking back at the nurse, parting flopped her ass, she hastily smelled bathrobe with bashful blush on the worn face trotted past us in the direction of the toilet. She held her stomach as if about to give birth.
- Ek serdeshnogo getting through! – Nurse smiled, wiping cloth enema tip – Bullet rushed!

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- And what it is swallowed? – I asked.
- Do not believe it – packing Demerol! Love her, you know, unhappy.
- And then what?
- It’s nothing. Washed stomach enema three-liter wheeled – and seen, just as runs. Such fool us every week bring, we are used already …
- Is that such a fashion – the grass?
- Yes, at least so good.

And then ten years ago strove to cut a vein, there’s no enema will not help …
- And what’s her name? – Suddenly asked Romka.
- Anyone Kukushkin? Well, Lena, my niece … you-why, boyfriend?
They met in fifteen years. Vymahala two meters Roman was working as a nurse in the infectious disease department 4th City Hospital, and Elena I. Bologova, wife of the owner of the local brewery, business woman and socialite, landed there with any dinner party, gorged itself is not the stale lobster, not is overdue oysters.

Of course, she did not recognize Romku, but Romka former Lena Kukushkin learned immediately. Locale girls web cams.

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