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Light wanted to rebel: she was not planning a career porn actress!

But after butting sensitive from Olga biting tongue and began diligently to obey orders. At this time, removed only the beginning: RON М ka (ie light) to clean the shower, and my mother (Olga) spies and masturbates. View the captured footage, Sasha was satisfied.

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-Very good job, bitches! – She said, patting the slaves on cheeks. – Get ready, let’s go for a little walk М®
Collected – it was strong. Olga Sasha dressed in sandals and a sundress and Light – in shoes, mini skirt and a white shirt with necktie. Without underwear.

Especially felt uncomfortable Light. But Sasha snorted, catching a face disgruntled slave:
-Get used to it. Olga does not wear pants at all!
-How? – Light was taken aback. – And in the school?
-Generally – quietly confirmed Olga. – For three weeks, Mrs. banned.

-And I will, madam? – Asked plaintively Light.
-Yet, – said Alexander. – At school and at home will wear. Who knows what. We do not need the hassle. But when you go out somewhere – will remove his pants. Is that clear? Repeat!
-If I leave the house, then take off panties, lady, – repeated Light.
-Well done, good slut – praised Sasha. – And one more thing: forget about pantyhose.

You must wear chul М ki. Only stockings. Well, may be more socks. About all sorts of shorts, jeans and the like forget. This concerns you, whore! – Sasha looked at Olga Alexandrovna. – Do you understand?
-Yes, Madam! – In unison said slave. Kerala hot chat.

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