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Free local cam chat. Soon I “floated”. I lost all sense of reality, and I wanted only one thing – that she did not stop. And she did not think to stop. She quickened the pace, as if feeling that I need right now, what I want, as if reading my mind and did exactly what I wanted.

Never, not one man, even the most skilled and gentle I have not experienced anything like this. My orgasm was very strong and long. He slides over the waves as surf …
- Valyaaaaaa … – I croaked exhausted …
She broke away with visible regret from me, licked her lips and said with a smile:
- Please forgive me for this. Just seeing you Artem, so I wanted …

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I so long to have sex …
Noticing that my girlfriend became sad, I hugged her and whispered in your ear:
- Yah them men.
I ran to the hollow of her back claws easily, almost touching. Gently as I could and kissed her on the lips and fell to her bud, invitingly open, as if waiting for me. The taste was just amazing. Slightly tart and sweet.

- Solntseee … – She whispered and leaned back on the bed.
We ran along the path of our garden, so familiar that even the darkness of the night do not scare us. River, gleaming in the moonlight, took our overheated body willingly and gently, like hugging, shaking slowly pulled down over.
- Anh, the sun, I was magical with you. You are so gentle, so affectionate, so I envy your men, you can not even imagine.
- What are you, men I currently does not allow.

Sex with them is quite different, though … What I’m going to explain you all very well know.
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