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She smiled, knelt down and kissed my leg.
-Yes, – said Laura – and she knows how?
-Pussy – unmatched Slimer – told me. – I trained her well. I fuck her in all holes, but she just М decide yourself just lick.
-And do you like it? – Laura did not believe.

-Very, lady! – Diana replied after my nod.
-You can try it for yourself art – I suggested. – Puss!
Girl willingly dived under the table. Looks like she did not care about little things like views on one-sided М primarily to comply with the order it was mistress. I looked under the table. Diana, with his skirt pla М art. first lick Laurin pi * do through her panties, and when a woman is aroused, and pulled her panties М nyalas lick, tongue penetrating in every crease.
Then came three waiters to order and began to lay the table.

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The fact that they noticed someone under the table, they served and mind. The guys all have seen enough here, it was the small things for them. For the ability to ignore the excess and keep your mouth shut, and appreciate this place. How do I know who can not remain silent long here did not work.
-Carl – I asked. – A Vivienne working today?
-Works, Madam, – Carl bowed. – Would you like to have it serviced?

-Certainly. Why would I ask about it?
Here Laura wailed and crumpled tablecloth in a clenched fist, and emerged from under the table with a satisfied Diana mor М daughter, Laura juices smeared all over. Without shaking and mind waiters bowed and left.

Laura woke up a bit, pulled her Diana and began to shower her with kisses, licking her face with their juices:
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