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Took the initiative in their own hands and Anya stunned me (although I dreamed about group sex)
-”We want to do group sex with you!”
Max neponyatkah gaped in astonishment. Oksana out of the tent said:
-”C’mon, we need to just relax.”
Oksana and Max went to the table. We are behind them. By filling 100g., I said toast:
-”For beer, sex and rock and roll!”
Everyone laughed and clinked glasses with plastic cups and drank. Anya and Oksana, much to my surprise, neither steel nor a snack or drink, and kissed (VZASOS!!).
We looked at each other in surprise with Max.

Max asked:
-”Are you a lesbian?”
Anya answered first:
-”Well, it is necessary to start somewhere!”
Oksana and supported by:
-”And what? Properly she says! Or not? A Dime?”
I took a sip of beer and said:
-”Well, well, you’re right. Www online sex web cam.

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