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Half an hour later I let the girls relax. Barbara then looked at his watch and hurried home.
-Hold it! – Stopped I jumped Woman. – A solution?
Barbara was confused at first, but then he realized. She knelt down and said:

I ask your permission to leave!
-It’s another thing – I nodded. – But first, you’ll help me get dressed.
Accompanied by going behind Barbara and running on all fours Diana I went into the bedroom. There’s a girl in my rite chosen me outfit.

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I handed the car keys to Barbara:
-Get the car to the entrance.
She blushed, but dutifully took the keys and ran to perform.
-Hello, madam, you have tamed her! – Giggled sitting at my feet Diana. – And I can not be with you, madam?
-Do you really want?

-Oh, yes, ma’am! – Diana exclaimed heatedly. Before that, I never took it with him.
-Well … – Here Barbara ran. I ordered: – Remove-ka pool and get dressed.
Race sisters rushed to obey orders.

But on the face I saw Barbara doubt: she was not very comfortable in the role is not the servant, not the slave. Just think, she recently denounced his CECT М py, but now I’m almost at its position. But for some reason she did not protest. Girls coped very quickly.

In parting, I gave Barbara kiss his hand, and we parted: Barbara home, and we for Diana.
I had to meet with my publisher, or rather, the publisher, energetic lady of thirty-five, Miss Laura Andreas. We met a few years ago when I came to the first book. Sex skype chat live free.

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