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What do you say against the child’s logic ?
They settled on the wicker chairs in the garden, near the flower beds with pansies in the shade of elms grace was laid table – as they say, all honor to honor : silverware , fine china .
- Do you also like frosting , Aunt Sarah ? – Asked Lucy , gobbling up the third cake and licking fingers with delight .
- I love it – said Mrs. Gibbon . – My chef always prepares these cakes for tea. Flora just yesterday admired them.

- I have a weakness for sweets criminal – with a smile confessed Flora .
- But most of all you love hot chocolate – put Adam .
In this case they unwittingly exchanged views such eloquent that even Mrs. Gibbon , familiar to all , and in any case not a puritan , was somewhat shocked and did not immediately find something to say.
- Why do not you drink your tea , Mr. Serres, – she said at last , unwittingly passing on a formal tone with old friends and feeling like a third wheel next to this dark-eyed niece and passionate handsome . – Maybe you want something stronger?

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Adam did not answer immediately , his eyes still mist from the seductive memories. Forcibly returning to reality itself , he remarked:
- I would not give up drops of cognac.
- Dad usually does not drink tea – innocently blurted Lucy. – My mother always scolded him for it and said that he … I do not remember such a long word … Dad, how did she say?

Begins with ” nechi ” or ” netsi .”
- Uncivilized – helped her father . Like pal webcams.

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