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After about an hour, the guys made us drink coffee, called a cab and we went home to Moscow. Naturally exchanged numbers .. Autumn evening. I always like reading Harry Potter. Trudge from the book and movie. And then, in the most intense moment
- Ruslan! – It was my neighbor at home with Nadia against. – Please, I beg you, let me in! faster!

My room was on the second floor, so I just jumped into the street, and opened the front door, let Nadia. She nearly knocked me off my feet, and ran in to my house and sat on the stairs. She looks, if I may say so, was weird. Without shoes, home robe, under which there were only underwear, all in tears. I invited her into the kitchen and made tea.

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Choking back tears she told me that at school (we learn it in different schools) klasnyj leader learned that Nadia smokes, and called his parents. Her parents were extremely violent.
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For poor grades, for late walks on 5-10minutes for raising voices, some loss of detail. And now this! And once, some fool in her class, which is terribly jealous of achievement Nadi, has taken in the sixth grade rumor that Nadia was not a virgin. Parent Nadia flogging then barely survived. Her parents did not even understood. And when vyyasnelos that’s not true, not even my daughter asked for forgiveness …

Dad is about to return to work. Mother, according to her so Nadi carved belt that she once even lost consciousness. Free random gay webcam.

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